Horse-Drawn Wagon Rides

Provided by Winterhill farm

**Ticket Sales will be posted live for Sunday ride offerings, the Wednesday prior – IF the predicted weather for the weekend looks clear & warm enough for the horses to legally work**
Thank you advance for your patience & support!

We are excited to offer Horse-drawn Wagon Rides provided by Winterhill Farm. Our horse-drawn wagon ride is a  10 -15 minute scenic ride around the farm in a private wagon pulled by a team of beautiful work horses. In order to provide a safe experience for all guests, we must limit the wagon capacity to one family at a time. Rather than pay by rider, there is one price to reserve the wagon, and you can bring up to 10 family members with you.

Wagon rides must be reserved in advance.

Tickets are non-refundable – Rescheduling is an option based on availability, if rides are cancelled due to inclement weather.


Are you looking for a romantic and unique outdoor activity for you and your loved one(s) to celebrate Valentine’s Day? 💝 Imagine just you and your sweetheart (or friend or family 😉), snuggled up for a leisurely and romantic carriage ride around the gem of Brookfield, MA… 🥰 Oakholm Farm Estate & Winterhill Farm are offering private horse-drawn carriage ride specials this Valentine’s Day & throughout the long weekend! 🥰 Our Valentine’s Day special will make your Valentine(s) feel extra special! 😘  


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